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The following case studies show a quick overview of some of my recent work.
Note the motion screens that can be clicked on below to view. For a more
detailed look at my work, please click to view my tv film portfolio or give me a
call - I’d love to show you the work in person.

All screens and art © Greg Voth 2008-2013            

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Bank of America Commercial

This spot shows the visigoths in mass with medieval banners, flags and pennants.

‘The Face’

This set, 14’ h and 40’ wide, assembled from 64 different prints,
was created for both commercial and print shoots for the
upcoming show.

USA829 Holiday card

I created the art in 3-D software. The art was used for the 2011 holiday season.

Best Buy Commercial

I helped generate the low-tech wall graphics.

cheese balls!

This website is the sole property of Greg Voth. No permission, written or implied,
is given to any person or entity to copy or alter the work shown herein.

All images © 2009-2013 Greg Voth

Capital One commercials

A handful of samples of the art created for three Capital One commercials featuring Jerry Stiller (warehouse) and Alec Baldwin (double & restaurant). Crazy fun for a week moving the art department from office to the locations.

© 2011 Greg Voth

30 Rock

From the first season’s second show to the present, I’ve created both print and motion graphics for the prop department and printed much of it in-house. I’ve done posters and charts, magazines and newspapers, packaging and a game, book covers, patches and cut vinyl graphics as well as motion graphics for some of the computer screens.


As staff computer artist I worked episodes  101-103 and did everything from police  paperwork, prison signage and motion screens to Spiderman-like images.

© 2011 Greg Voth

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‘Golden Boy’

I created an assortment of print graphics, signage and

a mural graphic for two episodes. Lots of actor photos

and compositing.

© 2011 Greg Voth

Gun Hill Pilot

GPS motion screens.