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All images © 2009-2011 Greg Voth

fine art

I work in both ink and mixed media (ink, watercolor and acrylic) on paper and and canvas. Sizes vary from 22-3/8”w x 10-1/4”h to 60” x 50” and 84” x 18”. Samples available upon request.

All art © Greg Voth 1995-2012

Abstract #45 - 50”h x 60”w, ink on canvas @Greg Voth 2005

Abstract # XX - paper size: 10-1/4”h x 22-3/8”w, image size: 2”h x 18-3/8”w, ink on Arches hot press paper

© Greg Voth 1995

Abstract #46 - 50”h x 60”w, ink on canvas © Greg Voth 2009

Abstract #44 - 18”h x 84”w, ink on canvas © Greg Voth 2009

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Abstract #39 - 38”h x 50”w, ink on Fairfield paper © Greg Voth 2008

Abstract #22 - 22-3/8”h x 30”w, ink on Arches hot press paper © Greg Voth 2001

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pop up gallery and cafe

This summer, I participated in a group show at the RAD Pop Up Gallery & Steam Cafe in the Jersey City Heights. It was not only
fun, it brought needed attention to the many unused commercial spaces available in our neighborhood. I showed 12 works and set up a working artist studio for the duration of the show.

One particularly personal painting I showed was a portrait of my dog, Lucky... one of my favorite subjects.

Lucky - 38”h x 60”w, ink and acrylic on canvas
© Greg Voth 2012

Lucky - 40”h x 30”w, ink on canvas
© Greg Voth 2010