At, I create colorful  poster-sized images for both commercial and personal use. While my focus is providing graphic content to the tv and film industry, these images are suitable for anyone wishing to display unique art. Need clearance in a hurry? My art is completely original. The images are abstracts. Most appear to contain representational elements - structural, organic, spacial, medical.

You can order a print from any of my ever expanding image catalogs and have a service print it for you. I can also work with you (for additional fees) to develop your project further. My experience as a computer artist in the industry insures your needs will be met and the work will be there for you when you need it.

You can order smaller prints (up to 13” x 19”) directly from me. If you want poster-sized prints, Mimosa Digital (, in nearby Hoboken, NJ, can reproduce your choices on various media and in custom sizes. I’ll also coordinate with your printer to receive my digital files for reproduction, should you wish to handle the output yourself.

For personal use, you can purchase posters directly from - they do a great job printing with pigmented inks on archival paper stocks at affordable prices. They also offer framing, greeting cards and can put your image choice on canvas. If you see an image here that’’s not on, email me and I’ll upload it there for you to print.


original art for tv & film
THAT’S EASY TO CLEAR... imagine that!

This website is the sole property of Greg Voth. No permission, written or implied,
is given to any person or entity to copy or alter the work shown herein.

All images © 2009-2011 Greg Voth

“A set decorator called in a panic looking for any personal projects
I had that would work for her show. The art needed to be immediately available and without clearance issues. I showed her my first 20 poster images - she bought the use of 15 of them. I thought others in the tv and film industry might find the work useful for their projects.”                                  
Greg Voth, ca, USA829

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